So here we are…

It’s June 7th (although, you could probably figure that out by looking at the date of my post). Summer’s almost here, and it’s hot out – not Africa hot out yet, that’s coming tomorrow. I’m almost done with work for the school year. Lots of significant, happy things happening, but most important – starting the intensive pre-baby prep.
My hubby and I will have been married for a year in July. We’re as financially secure as anyone can really be in this economy, and we own our own home, so we’re in a good position to start trying to have a baby. We’ve decided to start formally trying in September. If we can get lucky and “hit the jackpot” on the first try, things would work out perfectly (and I could work 2 months of summer vacation into my maternity leave). That said, I live in the real world and know that things tend to work out the way they are supposed to, not the way you want them to, and that there’s only a 20% of conceiving any month. But who knows, some people get knocked up on the first try – why not me?
I’ve been taking Omega-3 supplements and prenatal vitamins for two months, and the hubby has been on L-Carnetine, Omega-3 supplements, and a multivitamin for the same amount of time. The biggest change that I have to make is to lose some weight. I weight… lots. Hell, we’re all friends here (especially because we’re all complete strangers) so I guess I could go ahead and put my weight down – 260. I’m 5’6, if you want to give it some context. Obviously, that’s way too heavy for anyone, but especially someone who’s TTC. I love food (I admit it!) but I don’t go crazy at the dinner table. I’m active, but I’m not working out “Biggest Loser” style. I’m pretty much like every average woman, I guess – but with a lot that I’ve got to lose.
So why am I here? Well, for one – while the fact that my husband and I are going to start trying at some point to have a baby is not news to anyone, nobody knows the effort that we’ve already started (the supplements, plus I’ve started charting my BBT). I wanted a place to talk to people who’ve been there – and can maybe offer some tips. Two, while the fact that I’m overweight isn’t news to anybody, the fact that I weigh as much as I do probably is (I get told when I tell people my number that “you don’t look like you weigh that much!” Thanks, I guess?). So I’m cruising for tips in that department too – anyone who can something, anything, that worked for them. Third: I’ve waited my whole life to be a mommy. I’m so excited to start this journey with my husband. I’m desperate to start talking now, but considering that we haven’t even started formally trying yet, it seems a little soon. So anyone else who’s getting ready to TTC – hi! Glad to meet you! Hopefully we can all end up happy, healthy mamas with happy, healthy babies!

Anyone else trying to lose some poundage before TTC?


~ by futurenodramababymama on June 7, 2011.

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